Wednesday, April 11, 2007

that was fun

wed. ride recap -
47 degrees (semi-warmth, finally) 15mph wind (finally, a "not" windy day)
2hrs, 28minutes, 42 seconds of riding. 48.53miles travelled (thats like mid 19-20mph avg.). 4X12min 89-90% Intervals, 4 minutes recovery (ouch). Rode out by myself, got into the intervals pretty quickly and did them man-style (into the wind). Was feeling good. Just finished up with intervals when I saw christian going the other way, about halfway through the lake loop (a 30 mile loop, I had done a 15 mile loop and then done the lake loop). I turn around, he is just out to kill himself (when is he not?) and he offers to double the legnth of my pulls, as he has less than an hour on the bike, and I have somewhere shy of two. This of course doesn't happen, and I find myself out of the saddle more and more, staring at his rear hub trying to just hold it. Then he pulls through, I kill myself for awhile (at this point my legs hurt to the point I can't put my hr past 85%), and on and on we go. On the last climb (after a fairly hilly ride, not the craziest around here, but in the top 3 or 4 hilliest routes we normally do), it is I who drops christian, not the other way around (as I was expecting). We roll back onto campus, my legs hurting in the satisfied, that was a good ride, type of way.

mike, of carnegie (see pictures/stories below) took 5th in a 1/2/3/4 training crit tonight. 3 guys up the road, he was in a second group of 4, he and the guy ahead of him just avoided getting swallowed by the pack at the line. First off, awesome job, congrats. Second, collegiate crits are stupid....he is the guy usually right around me, and he can take 5th in a 1/2/3/4. The guy who was 4th is a cat 1 who won the pa state crit last year. Yet mike has 0 ECCC pts this year (that means no top 12's). Thats just dumb. Third, maine needs weeknight crits.


Argentius said...

You live in stupid land.

It has been a rainy week here, but today it was almost 60 and partly cloudy.

I rode about 3 hours today, 90 minutes or so with Chris.

Chris is not as fast as he used to be, he says. His leadouts are only about 60-61 km/h any more. I guess they used to be 65.

Whatever, I can barely hold onto his wheel...

Argentius said...


And there are weeknight crits tuesday AND thursday.

josh said...

at home we have tues school there is nada (crits, that is)