Thursday, April 19, 2007

every have one of those days

where nothing goes right? I had one today. First I had to get up at 8:30 for a meeting, I don't have class till 11. Then I did terribly on my pysch midterm, thats two of them now. Then my day went up a bit as I got to see family friends who were visiting the school and a professor helped me out with research for a paper. Then my female situation complicated itself. So I decided to go for a bike ride. It was super windy, but I was pissed and riding hard. I did my ever favorite love to hate it bigalow hill, and on my way back got a flat, about 8 miles from either the shop or campus. Pissed off, I just rode the 8 miles (8.43 actaully) at ~ 22mph just hoping I wouldn't die (it was a rear flat). I was on the p.o.s. wheels, so how much more damage could I do to them? (none). On the bright side, It was a very hard 8 miles and I got in a good workout. Now I have mastik on my hands (yes tubular glue mastik) as I used some to try to glue the leather back onto the shell of my saddle, which is slowly pealing off.

Maybe tmrw will be better. I think any one of 4 packages in the mail for me, if they showed up, would make me happy.


Argentius said...

What got complicated with the female situation? You can just email back if ya want.

What's in the packages?

Colin R said...

you rode 8 miles at 22mph with a flat rear?

either you're full of shit or you're going to crush me on a cross bike.

actually, both of those could be true.

josh said...

argentius - to put it simply, attempting to have 2 at 1nce went down in flames....

package 1 - HUP kit
package 2- my arm warmers (left in boston)
package 3 - HUP booties (different order, will be coming seperate)
package 4 - Colby kit

colin - i had a ~20mph tailwind, but yea....i was in a "f*ck the world" state of mind and just put it in the big ring and went, it felt sort of like riding in a 8 mile sandpit, except with better traction. also, most of it was flat or downhill. but i sound really hardcore if i leave out the downhill/tailwind part....

as for crushing you on a cross bike, doubtful, but i am wayyyy stronger/faster right now than I ever was last year, something about training....